Jorge was born in Spain and grew up in Sevilla. He moved to America when he was fourteen and he brought with him all his Spanish roots, passions, culture, his love for Spanish architecture and of course his “Alegria de Vivir”. Settling in Los Angeles California after the move, Jorge immediately started absorbing everything America had to offer and began making the USA part of his identity with blend of both of these wonderful countries.

In the early 80’s, Jorge moved to New York City to be closer to the fashion & modeling industry.  He spent a few years absorbing what he could in NYC and later he returned to Los Angeles where he continued modeling and commercial acting. While modeling fashion and acting in TV commercials he was inspired and started designing clothes. Focusing on a tailored leather and suede clothing line, soon his designs were sold at Fred Segal, H. Lorenzo and entire western couture line for Billy Martin’s in Los Angeles and New York stores. His designs found their way on to well-known actors and actresses doing custom pieces for movies and TV shows. Eventually the business aspect of the clothing industry caused Jorge to look somewhere else where he could apply his gifts of style and design.

In the late 80’s he started designing furniture with a rustic Spanish flare.  Later, in early 90’s, Jorge bought a 1939 Art Deco home in the Hollywood Hills originally built for the American boxer Jack Dempsey.  Jorge transformed the house into a Spanish Hacienda and it was during that redesign; Jorge found his new career path.

A forum where visitors could appreciate his sense of style and his designs.  Jorge has redesigned and transformed many homes for exclusive clients around the world.  Jorge’s sense of design and style has woven him through many careers all of which have influenced and prepared him for the level of success he has achieved. 

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